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Top Benefits of getting PCR testing by Med Concierge LA

Top Benefits testing by Med

Top Benefits of getting PCR testing by Med Concierge LA

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a chemical process that exponentially increases target nucleic acid, producing billions of copies of a specific segment of RNA or DNA. It helps researchers and labs to consider a minimal amount of nucleic acid and increase it into a large enough volume for sequencing, analysis, or experimentation.

As a part of the PCR testing, samples are sent out to a lab for analysis, increasing the time to results. But with the help of reliable and professional PCR testing services, providers like Med Concierge LA offers same-day PCR test results.

Here are some of the key benefits of PCR testing by Med Concierge LA

Everything goes as you like 

You can book your test, reserve a date and time, the professionals at Med Concierge LA visit you, or you can pay a visit, whatever suits you best. And get same-day PCR test results.

Easily Available

Med Concierge LA offers a wide range of testing services. They provide at-home testing, walk-in/ on-site testing, RT-PCR test, and rapid antigen across different locations, including Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Northridge, Downtown, Northridge, Santa Monica, and Los Angeles, among others.

Individual as well as Employees Testing 

They provide PCR testing for individuals and employees at the workplace. They visit you at your place and ensure that you don’t have to come out of your comfort zone. So, fight infections like COVID-19 easily by guarding yourself with the help of reliable PCR testing done by professionals.

Pocket Friendly 

Don’t drain your pocket by spending huge amounts of your money on testing for different kinds of infections diseases. Med Concierge LA offers their customers flexible corporate rates and bulk discounts.

Covid Testing – Get the Test you Need not Want

There are different kinds of testing for different occasions. It is very important to know what test is appropriate for you at what time. The team of professionals at Med Concierge LA knows it well.  


If you are planning to travel internationally, you need to get tested no more than 3 days before traveling by air. Different countries require different time frames, but they demand a PCR Lab test. Go for rapid PCR if you have traveling on cards.


If you are one of the studios wanting to get everyone tested for your upcoming shooting, or maybe you are planning an event. An experienced team of testing services providers you offer you PCR or rapid antigen test as per your requirements.

Peace of mind

If you are feeling low or unwell, PCR test, ANTIBODY, or antigen testing is what you need to get your peace of mind back. They share the results of antigen tests as quickly as 15 min.

Now that you know much about different kinds of testing, where is the right time to take what test and the top reasons to choose Med Concierge LA. Stay safe; COVID is still out there, impacting lots of lives. Testing is better than regretting later. Get in touch with a team of testing professionals today.