What is NAD+ and how does it work?

Also known as nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, the NAD+ is a part of every organism cell that is responsible for metabolic processes. With its critical role, the coenzyme like this needs to be regularly supplied in order to maintain the health stability and prevent the development of aging processes. Not only does it influence the physical condition, but mental productivity, too, improving and restoring the neurologic functions.

At the active phases of body development, the supply of NAD is enough to cover all the inner processes’ necessities, but, over time, it gradually runs out, enabling the aging over time. Due to numerous researches, the scientist have found the cause of the issue, so nowadays the medical field is able to provide the people with solutions to slow the aging processes down. In the nearest perspectives, the studies plan to discover even more effective methods in NAD maintenance or other sources of obtaining more NAD+.

What are the main benefits of NAD+?


Over the span of time, the body gradually wears out its sources, which also influences the coenzyme decrease and development of age-related diseases. With the help of NAD+ therapy, the body restores its sources of energy producing, activates the proteins and benefits the reparation processes in DNA structure.

Clear brain fog

Without the help of NAD+, the brain gradually gets less oxygen and glucose that are required for its productive work. After starting the IV treatment, you can see how mental clarity and processing speed become faster again, leading to the improvements in life quality. Another significant advantage is the protection of the mind from any neurodegenerative diseases which have higher chances of development over the time.

Improve mental clarity

The supply of brain work with NAD+ was clinically proven to improve memory, benefit the concentration, focus on the tasks better. It also helps to reduce the symptoms of mental illnesses, like depression, mood swings and more.

Metabolic function

The primary role of NAD+ in the cells is processing of metabolism, so its appearance in the body positively influences the energy exchange. When combined with proper diet and regular exercising, you can see how the health gets stronger, with body maintaining a healthy weight amount.

Memory and concentration

Once the NAD+ is in the proper quantity within the system, the cells of all organs, including brain, regenerate much quicker and gain protection from outer damage. This helps to both prevent neurological diseases, cure mental struggles and boost the productivity of regular brain activity. The later list also includes concentration and memorability for important things, which significantly benefits the lifestyle improvements.

Improve athletic performance

With improved metabolism, the body gets much more energy that can be spent on the more effective physical engagements. You will be able to see on your own the increased productivity during exercising and building of muscles after the first several sessions.

Superior immune system

When body gets more energy with NAD+ help, it also obtains more resources for fighting the viruses, bacteria and other sources of diseases. The reason for it is the increased speed of blood flow within the body, which helps to quicker detect the source of problem and deliver to it all the necessary components.

Detox and cleanse

Once the body gets the increased metabolism, then it is able to clear off all the toxins remaining in the body. It is an especially important feature when you try to lose excessive weight, as such harmful components keep themselves from leaving the body, and it is hard to make them leave without a help. You will quickly notice the improvements in weight numbers and overall condition after starting the therapy with NAD+.

Boost energy

With the unlocked potential of the body during IV therapy, the exhaustion will no longer remain an issue, as NAD+ increases the metabolism effect. For this reason, it is often prescribed during Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, also known as CFS, or after the flights, when people get the jetlag.

Support addiction recovery

As NAD helps to quicker get rid off malicious components of the body, it is regularly recommended when recovering from addictions. With lesser probabilities of getting side effects, the treatment course is a better option than medications that still may pose various threats. The addictions that can be cured with its help usually include alcohol, opioid, chemical, and drug dependencies.

Frequently asked questions

The NAD is a coenzyme that is present in our body cells which is responsible for metabolism processes and producing energy for normal functioning. Its most significant effect influences nervous system, skin health and digestive system due to NAD derivation from B3 vitamin.

For regulation of all biological processes that influence aging processes, NAD+ plays the most important role. Once the body experiences the deficit of NAD, the energy production, elimination of toxins and free radicals, other biological functions start to slow down, causing the faster aging and weaker response to the outer factors.

Due to its direct access to the blood flow, the IV therapy is the best way of delivering NAD to the body. The blood quickly absorbs all the beneficial components, delivering it to all the body parts in a several minutes. As a result, the person feels increased energy levels, normalization of weight amount, improved muscle performance and other positive changes.