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Everything You Must Know About Concierge Covid Testing

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Everything You Must Know About Concierge Covid Testing

The covid pandemic hit the world badly, took many lives, and impacted countless families globally. The pandemic scare isn’t over yet, due to which not many people are comfortable with covid testing in health centers and public places. This has led to an increased demand for concierge covid testing, which is not only comfortable but also safe.

This blog will run you through everything you must know about concierge covid testing.

Concierge testing is for people who seek a fast turnaround covid testing at the comfort of their home, where they are not prone to contracting an infection from others, which can happen in the case of public covid testing. Concierge covid testing service providers like Med Concierge LA have solutions for all kinds of clients, whether you are an individual, a group of people, or an entire company.

Why get a test through Med Concierge LA concierge service?

The concierge covid testing service providers offer a quick, safe, and convenient way to get reliable covid PCR tests without disrupting the everyday routine or life. Whether you want to get tested at home, at work, at a hotel, or any place you wish, the Med Concierge LA mobile testing team comes to the clients. The testing is not limited, as you can also schedule antibody or Rapid Antigen Tests. They also offer customized solutions for VIPs at day shoots or productions.

Book for concierge covid testing easily 

Most reliable concierge covid testing service providers offer services throughout the week. You can reach out to them, and they will get back to you to discuss your requirements like time, day, and place of testing for comfortable testing and explain the costs.

How is a sample taken during concierge covid testing 

When you choose concierge testing, a member of the mobile testing team of service providers will visit the place of your choice to conduct the test. The mobile team takes proper precautions. They wear full PPE, follow covid protocols, and ensure your safety. The team members are regularly tested, and your sample is safely sent to the laboratory for processing.

When do you get your results?

The team will deliver the tests to you confidently via text message in 24 hours. If you need a testing result certificate of proof, they will mail it to you. If your test comes positive, the team can also help you with clinician advice and support.

So, now that you know the basics of concierge covid testing, you must also know the key benefits of this type of testing:


Benefits of Concierge Covid Testing You Can’t Miss

Quick Pre and Post Travel Results: There is next level contentment in knowing that you are healthy by getting a covid test before and after you reach your destination with direct testing. This way, you can easily prevent the spread of the virus among people by quarantine at the right time, if required. This way, you can easily avoid bringing home the virus if you catch it during your journey.

Comfortable testing for kids: Children find nasal swab tests very painful. With at-home covid testing near me service, and concierge covid testing, children can get their test done in a familiar, comfortable, and safe environment and beat the potential rest and fear.

Privacy: One of the critical benefits of concierge covid testing is that you get tested at your place privately and thus are not exposed to the public. Also, if you have older adults at home or have mobility issues, there can’t be an any better choice than this.


Consult the best concierge covid testing service providers like Med Concierge LA for a home covid test near me option. No matter where you are put up in Los Angeles, their mobile covid testing team will visit your place, conduct testing, and ensure you are safe.