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The Health Benefits of IV Therapy

The first association people get when hearing about IV therapy – staying at hospitals, recovering after the operation or getting the treatment from chronical diseases. However, this belief slowly goes into the past, as more and more people discover how benefits of IV therapy for health can be useful for the daily self-care in domestic environment. With the direct infusion of nutritious elements that the method provides, person’s wellness improves seemingly quicker and more effectively than with regular medicaments prescribed perorally.

According to the studies, the level of absorption by blood reaches the full hundred percent, becoming the absolute winner in comparison to pills or topical medication. It also helps to avoid the unpleasant side effects, like upsetting the digestive system or increased skin sensitivity after application. Moreover, the speed of IV treatment spreading through the whole body takes much less time, taking only a couple of minutes instead of hours of wait. It made the therapies led by IV infusions much more on-demand among patients who either suffer from possible discomforts or wish to go through the intense course to recover significantly faster due to personal reasons.

The spectrum of IV therapy benefits covers all the necessary functions influenced by the decease, no matter which part or how severe the actual state is. After the injections, the fluid can help to recover from such issues, as:

  • Bouts of anxiety or inability to relax after continuous tension;
  • Damages in cardiovascular system;
  • Detoxication after food poisoning or hangover;
  • Hormonal disbalance due to different causes;
  • Instability of energy resource in the body;
  • Malnutrition of certain types or severity;
  • Weight regulation to the normal range.

Each of the method has its own specifics, combinations of treatment and recommended length of course to accomplish the set goal. To get the precise prescription, you should pass the consultation with qualified specialist first and complete the preparations for better absorption of the medicine.

1. Dealing with anxiety

The most often cause of high stress level is the high blood pressure that keeps body tensed and does not allow it to relax. For this case, the best cure is the serum with magnesium sulfate – a type of electrolyte that directly influences the cardiovascular system and gradually lowers the blood pressure to the normal state. As a result, the person feels:

  • Decrease in migraine or headache frequency;
  • Relaxation in muscles and inner organs;
  • Restoration of immune system;
  • The increased sleep quality;

All the positive effects of magnesium sulfate also reveal themselves in other kinds of therapy, not necessarily involving IV treatment. As an example, salt therapy also adds such combination to the process of healing, putting the patient into a calmer state.

2. Dealing with cardiovascular damages

Due to direct contact of serum with the injured areas, the recovery starts immediately, restoring the affected zones with increased cells reproduction. Also, the serum establishes the lower blood pressure that does not damage the vessels and relaxes them. Similar to the previous method, the magnesium is also added, causing the feeling of relaxation inside. The IV therapy is widely known as the best way of curing similar diseases with maximal effectiveness and shortest time required.

3. Dealing with detoxication

In order to prevent the suffering from hangover consequences, it is better to make sure that all the toxins leave the body as soon as possible. With the ready IV treatment, the patient prevents such unpleasant symptoms, as: 

  • Abnormal feeling of thirst;
  • Aches in a body, specifically muscles and head;
  • Body dehydration;
  • Excessive fatigue or brain fogging;
  • Uneasiness in a stomach area.

The main effect of the serums is aimed at restoring the water balance, specifically with the help of sodium chloride and other useful electrolytes. Some add the medications from nausea or any kind of inflammations if they experience it often, but only after the specialist’s approval. With the therapy led by IV injections, the effect is sensible within the next hour since the session start.

For the general detoxication, the serums contain such useful components, as vitamins, glutathione and alpha-lipoic acid that increase metabolism processes and strengthen the immune system. 

4. Dealing with energy balance

By using the set of recommended vitamins and amino acids, the treatment helps to convert the cellular inner energy into an active source that is used throughout a day. Tri amino and arginine, included in a serum, are known for their ability of releasing the body potential, helping to keep even with intense training and becoming a foundation of muscle building.

5. Dealing with weight balance

For the insufficient weight, one of the common reasons is the inability for body to store the nutrients in the cells for the long time, being quickly burnt away. In order to help the organism to maintain the healthy amount of useful compounds, the IV infusion courses are used, balancing the intake and release ratio between themselves.

The main issue of people who suffer from overweight – the inability to turn the accumulated components in cells to the actual source of energy. As the outer booster of metabolism, the IV therapy uses carnitine, alpha-lipoic acid and lipotropic solutions which are proven to be effective by the medical studies. As a side benefit, they are also known to detoxicate the body and free radicals that initiate aging processes, allowing to slow the transformations and feel younger for longer time.