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5 Ways IV Therapy can Accelerate Covid Recovery 

5 Ways Covid Recovery ​

IV therapy is increasingly used to deliver nutrients directly into the bloodstream of the covid patients as opposed to oral medication. Vitamins in the form of IV infusion can help reverse some of the critical complications caused by covid. However, before we jump to the benefits of IV Therapy for Covid recovery treatment, you must know what
monoclonal antibodies are.

Monoclonal Antibodies are artificially-made antibodies designed by professionals to fight viruses like covid 19. These IV monoclonal antibodies prevent virus replication in the body and neutralize the virus by preventing viral entry into a person’s system.

IV therapy using monoclonal antibodies fights Covid-19 by lowering the viral load that is the amount of virus in the person’s body. Patients with low viral load have fewer suffering from severe symptoms and protect them from hospitalization or death.

Now that you know how IV therapy be used for immune boost covid, let’s walk you through some of the advantages of IV therapy for faster covid recovery.

Critical Benefits of IV therapy for Covid Recovery 


IV therapy is among the most trusted means adopted to treat people battling conditions that cause dehydration. The saline composition of the IV therapy helps in rehydrating the muscle and skin cells leading to the relief of muscle pain or cramps caused by lack of hydration that happens post covid.

Besides muscle cramps, IV therapy also prevents other side effects of dehydration during the post-covid phase, like urinary tract infection and dry mouth. IV drips also provide other essential nutrients that water consumption usually wouldn’t offer to the body.

Vitamin Deficiency

For most covid patients who find difficulty in consuming food, IV Covid therapy helps them with the replenishment of vitamin levels. IV therapy contains vital vitamins like Vitamin B, C, D and folic acids and refills the body with needed nutrients, preventing vomiting or nausea.

Brain Fog Clearance 

IV therapy for covid recovery also helps in clearing the brain fog. As per research, lack of hydration is one of the critical causes of brain fog, and IV therapy can help deal with it.

IV therapy offered by reliable professionals can help eliminate the brain fog by allowing the body to correct the lack of vitamins and replenish nutrients necessary for a healthy body.

Further Virus Spread Prevention 

IV therapy is immune boost covid protection that targets the viral spike protein and helps prevent further entry or replication of the virus in the body.

Covid is a deadly virus and very difficult to get over, but the IV therapy offered by Med Concierge LA has been helping patients in faster and complete recovery. If you or any of your loved ones have recently suffered from covid, reach out to the team at Med Concierge LA to boost your immunity and achieve
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